The original message which went out to several of my Facebook friends explained a lot regarding what we are all about, so I will post it here as well.

"Facebook peeps.

If there were a local (Morton/Peoria area) group, meeting once a week or so, searching after God's heart for this region,
unafraid to chase after Him with all they have, to discuss any topic, to search after His Truth above all else...

Would you be interested in coming?

The last few years I have felt again the strong pull of God's call on my life. This has led me to search out what that might look like and what purpose it would fulfill.
The framework of a pattern for a new fellowship has arisen, and I am asking Him if now is the time.

The pattern is something new, something I've personally never seen before anyway.
I feel a strong calling to an eventual 24/7 "sanctuary" for the entire community, to the 5-Fold ministry model, and to a fellowship who is intentionally NOT 501(c)(3)
so they can be free to speak openly about all issues facing our nation and our community today.

This would likely start as a home group, small group or "parachurch" fellowship, but would eventually, as it grows, seek a permanent location.
It would be strictly non-denominational and would not fall under any other local ministry, though it would have loose ties with a few national streams.
A "statement of faith" is being drafted.

There is not name yet, no website or Facebook page (yet). I would direct it, but would not always speak.
Others would be welcome to bring topics for discussion or messages, sometimes we would watch videos of others speaking. Sometimes we may just worship.
Moving forward I would specifically be seeking other leaders who would be sent to us to make up the 5-Fold model.

Open to your thoughts. Comment here, message me, call, text, whatever. Please consider sharing this if you know others who may be interested as well.


Obviously there now is a name, a temporary website (this page) and a Facebook page, but other than that, the information is up to date.