By Michael Blue Erdmier on Wednesday, December 10, 2014 at 4:43am

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet".
(William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet)

Whenever a person feels a potential call to ministry on their life, particularly one which they would be required to plant from scratch,
it has been my experience that they go through a period, possibly a very long period, of contemplating what in the world to name that ministry.
In my case, there have been a few ventures which I have either actually started or at least contemplated through the years.

My home-based business selling aftermarket automotive performance parts was named "TRiAD Motorsports", after the global economy "triad" of Europe, Asia and America.
This represented a short, easy to remember name which instantly announced my business as one dealing with the performance all kinds of vehicles.
As that evolved into developing my own parts, locating and occasionally brokering deals on special-interest cars and other automotive-related areas,
a friend and I looked into opening a pre-owned specialty car dealership; "The Galleria".
I wanted to specialize in affordable semi-exotics and sportscars, carry all kinds of performance parts,
including our own brand, diecast models and other collectibles, clothing, jewelry and more.
The name clearly denoted that this shop was "more than just a Pep Boys".
The car/art show that another friend founded and I helped organize for one year was named the "Art and Automotive Classic".
This was his name, but it perfectly signified that the show was equal parts custom artwork of all kinds and cars, mostly classics of some sort or another.

Names are important, maybe one of the most important aspects of a business.
As a graphics guy, I would add the overall "image" to that, including the logo, website, colors, fonts, grammar, etc. used to identify the business.
But as the Word says; "A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches" (Proverbs 22:1a, ESV).
Now, the author is of course talking about reputation, but the verse lends itself to both meanings.
No one would want to go to a dry clean shop named "Billy Joe's Bait and Tackle", or a car dealership called "Slick Willy's You Bought It".
In the same way, it serves no good purpose for a church to have a name which has nothing to do with what they're about, or worse, could mislead people concerning their focus.

So that brings us to "MOSAIC".
As I researched the Five-Fold Ministry and specifically the Apostolic reemergence currently happening in this country and around the world,
one of the points which stood out to me was that of the different "types" of Apostolic calling and gifting.
Moses, David, John the Baptist and Jesus were primary examples and their "types" correlated to their names,
such as "Mosaic"-type Apostolic gifting, "Davidic"-type Apostolic calling or ministry, etc.
Each of these carry the necessary ingredients for Apostolic ministry (set apart before birth, called by God alone,
commitment to Truth as well as people, etc.), but each had their own recipe for getting it done.
Now, that's a whole message all by itself so we'll save that for another day.
Suffice to say, although in seeking out my particular gifting and calling I felt mine nearly equally related to each of them, there was something that drew me to the "Mosaic" type.

As an Apostolic type, Moses had a nearly unique calling. Yes, he was a Prophet of God, speaking directly for God both to the Israelites and to Pharaoh.
But, more than the others (other than Jesus Himself), Moses' calling was one of liberation. He called the Israelites out of darkness and slavery and into the Promised Land.
He spoke directly to Pharaoh the words of God on behalf of God's people.
After 400 years of captivity, this would be a major turning point in the history of the Jews and remains a significant landmark in time to this day.
Through this Mosaic example, while God was revealing to me many of the details of the Apostolic calling and what that would really mean in my life,
He was also beginning to make known to me some of the particulars of what I was personally called to.

MOSAIC Five-Fold Fellowship has three primary areas of distinction from traditional church settings.
We are based on the five-fold ministry model of church leadership.
We are seeking to help establish a community 24/7 Prayer Room.
We are a "Free Church"; a non-510(c)(3) organization, free to discuss all topics, including those which the government could potentially consider to be political in nature.
But, for me, that isn't who we are.

I believe part of my calling in all of this, long-term, is to be part of a much larger move of God in the area of real "unity" in the church.
Not some misguided Ecumenical "let's just ignore our differences" kind of unity,
but the kind of true unity which only comes from all of us seeking the face of God to the extent that we come to a much fuller understanding of Him.
True unity which comes from a much deeper, shared, accurate understanding of God. An understanding which causes entire denominations to lay down their definitions.
One which abolishes the boundaries which define and contain us and liberates the church.
I believe this unity will be total, and that is where we will begin to see the Bride arise and be purified and made known to the world.

Now, I don't know how we're going to get there from here, we're just going to have to trust God and seek after Him with our whole hearts.
But, if what I feel He has shown me so far is any indication of where we might be going, it is going to be well worth the ride.
In the meantime, the name "MOSAIC" is a reminder to me of both the "liberation" I believe we're headed for,
as well as the many facets of the church I believe will come together in true unity in order to help make that happen.
Thanks for joining us in this journey!

May God greatly bless all of you!