Welcome to the temporary website for MOSAIC Five-Fold Fellowship!


MOSAIC Five-Fold Fellowship is a non-501(c)(3) parachurch fellowship focused on searching after God with our whole hearts.
We have a commitment to the New Testament Five-Fold Ministry model of church leadership and desire to help establish a community 24/7 Prayer Room.

Meetings will begin at our home in Morton, IL sometime shortly after the New Year, dates and times will be posted when available.
A more suitable location will be one of the first orders of business and a more permanent solution will be sought as we move forward.

See the original Facebook message introducing this ministry here.


Learn more about who we are and what we're all about...

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Teaching Series

The Case Against 'Isa (The "Jesus" of the Qur'an)

Climate Change?


Please be praying with us for God's will in all of this and for direction concerning the best way to move forward.

Thank you!

~Michael "Blue" Erdmier
Director, MOSAIC Five-Fold Fellowship


For now the Facebook page will be the primary means of communication for the group, until a fully-featured website with subscription capabilities can be built.